Saturday, 5 November 2011

A teaser and a view of my np stash.......

The project is to swatch and photograph as many of these as possible.  I tend to change my polish daily (or nightly) and this is not a sunshiny area, so I presume that most photos will be indoors with flash.

However, here is where the magic happens - my Helmer.  I have another 2 upstairs with makeup and other beauty supplies in them, but this is the nail varnish one.

So we will have a look through, drawer by drawer, shall we?

 Yes, they are all Chanel.  Yes, they are all different.  Yes, you may hate me.

Terrible pic but this is a bit of a mish-mash drawer.  Bit of everything going on in here.

Rescue Beauty Lounge and Zoya..... oh, my pretty babies

OPI and China Glaze, some Orly too

More OPI, China Glaze, Essie and .... Revlon?

The bottom drawer - refills of Seche and nail base, thinner, separators, nail art stripers and gems.

Gorgeous Hex glitters I got for frankening

My precious glass nail file which I customised with Swarovski Crystals....

So, now you know where we are.... there is a lot of swatching to do.  Tell me in comments, where do I begin?  With the Chanel, RBL or something else?


  1. *drools on keyboard, hastily wipes* CHANELS! Chanel polishes must be my favorite brand in terms of colors [def not wear.... =_=] on the market!
    Can't wait for swatches! *rubs hand together*

  2. WOah, what a collection! I'm not a girl of HE polishes (I think my most expensive ones are Zoya lol) but I can appreciate the beauty of Chanel and RBL (just can't afford it).

    Indoor lighting doesn't have to be sucky. You could use a small lightbox, which can be fairly easy/inexpensive to make and a daylight lamp. there's also a neat trick to use with flash: try placing a piece of white paper (regular photocopy paper will do) in front of your flash, it'll diffuse it, creating a more natural light :)

    Good luck with your adventure! :)


  3. Wow! You must own every Chanel that's great! Please start with chanel swatches we always see the others. Lol! :)