Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chanel 491 Rose Confidentiel

This is much more my speed.  Love it.  Classic, shiny and pretty!

Chanel 539 June

I'm not 100% in love with this one.  It's a bit too yellow toned for me, and I found the application tricky.  However, it is very 'spring-y' and I'll wear it again.

Chanel 453 Magnolia Rose

Pretty!  I'd say this verges on mannequin nails for me, but very clean.  Slightly sloppy application, so I apologise.

Chane 443 Sun Gloss

This is such a sheer colour that I did french tips with it.  It is not really unique, and I'd say Colour Club Rock Candy and China Glaze Love Letters would both be good dupes.

Chanel 515 Peche Nacree

This is also very pretty, a soft and shimmery peach.  I like it.

Chanel Coco Blue

The last of the Chanel Denims, this was SO's pick from the drawer of Chanel.  He even checked to see what colour I wore last so it wasn't too similar.  Bless.

Blue, shiny and pretty.  Got lots of compliments at work, too.

Chanel Facettes D'Or

Something a little different after the cremes - this is a very smooth and glowy gold, looks fab on the nails.
From the 2008 Fall collection, it apparently is made with real gold.