Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chanel Blue Rebel

A deep navy creme here, no shimmer but high shine.  This is also part of the denim collection.  Lovely, but I still prefer the middle shade of the trio.  I took way too many pics of this one!

Chanel Diabolic

Vampity vamp - so dark it is almost black but not quite.  Very chic, very cool, very Chanel.  Loved wearing this one.

Chanel Image Rose

Beautiful shiny red with a hint of shimmer.  Nobody does red like Chanel.  Not sure when this one was out......  I think it is just fabulous, the perfect red.

Chanel Cassis - Anyone for jelly?

This is a gorgeous deep jelly plum, shiny and delicious. I've shown you each of 3 coats, it is fabulous.  I got lots of compliments on this.  You can see the coats building up in the pics.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Chanel Paradoxal

I know, I know, we have all seen a billion and one pics of this, but this is the polish I felt like wearing.  So.... here it is.

Love it.  LOVE IT.  I even have a backup.

 Lola was on my knee during pics
 No flash, still gorgeous.

So beautiful.

Chanel Blue Boy

Another pricey Ebay purchase as this was not released in the UK.  Neither were the Nubar dupes, so I am happy to have them.  This was my first wear of this and I love it.  It is a dusky lovely denim blue, it looked really good on, and it looked good with my sapphire ring that I wore with it.  Fabulous shine as always.

Two coats with seche.

Bottle pic with flash
With flash - but it is not this bright irl

 Much better picture of the colour
 Look at that shine

My verdict?  I love it.  We have yet to find a Chanel that I am 'meh' about, but I really enjoyed wearing this one.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Chanel Cosmic Violine

Another pretty!  Just put this on 2 min ago, after sorting out cuticles a little - although there is a long way to go.  Seeing as I broke a few nails and have had to take them all down to nubbins, I am liking darker colours on them at the minute.  I chose this one after a post on MUA reminded me about it.  Very pretty, just enough sparkle!

I probably need to do cleanup, and it is probably not my best work in terms of painting as I didn't use a table - trying to encourage myself to be tidier.  Anyhoo on to the pics......

Chanel Rose Blossom

A soft shiny pink for you today.  I bought this one retail as well, and I had to buy my mum one as well, she liked it so much.  SO picked it out, choosing one at random from the drawer of Chanel.

This is so pretty, shimmery and slightly sparkly.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chanel Deaville

Another set of archive pics - Chanel Deauville.  A gorgeous soft pink (I got the lipstick with the same name as well) that shimmers softly.  These pics are outside in the sunshine.  I can't remember what year or collection this was part of, but I did buy it retail at Boots.

I love it - a soft, wearable pink.

Chanel Lotus Rouge Dupe? Nails Inc Tate

I think this is a pretty close dupe, personally.  These pics are a couple of years old, so I apologise for them being a little odd.  This was from the Autumn 2007 collection (I think), and it is a great colour.

Bottle pics with and without flash:

Nails painted alternatively with the two shades.  I can't remember which is which, and I can't tell the difference!

What is up with the shape of my nails in these pics?