Monday, 24 September 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise

This is great red - two coats.  It is shiny and bright, it is so classic and sophisticated.  I really like it a lot, and it wears well.  Gorgeous.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Killa Red

This one totally hits the seasonal trend of oxblood.  It is great!  The darker pictures away from the light show a more realistic view of the colour.  It is lovely.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink b. Cause

I smudged this so badly, I didn't even wear it for a full day.  But it is a great shade, very neutral.  So long as you don't smudge it.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Film Noir

This is such a perfect vamp.  It is just.... perfect.  Love it.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink Shimmer and Sheer Red

Inspired by a post on Ji's blog, I decided to layer these two shades.  I could have made the sheer red a little more even, but I think the almost tie-dye effect that I came out with was kind of cool.  Sheer red is really, really sheer.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Oh Scrangie, why can I not properly photograph your perfection?  Why is your duochromey-goodness so camera shy?  I love you but you do not love my camera.  I must defer to the skills of better bloggers than myself.  Le sigh.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

This is a fantastic shade.  It is rich and creamy, it shines.  It wears well and is surprisingly work appropriate.  Absolutely love it.