Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chanel 441 Cherry

Chanel does jelly.  Or did, in a super sheer summer collection a few years ago.  I have taken pics after one coat, and then two, so you can see the colour building up.  I have done two coats overall.  I imagine three would give fuller coverage but I like the jelly finish and frankly I don't want to use half the bottle.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chanel 617 Holiday

This is such a lovely bright colour!  It is somewhere between red and orange, and it is fabulous and glossy.  This is 2 coats.  I almost want to lick my nails!

Chanel 531 Peridot

Not the first time I have worn this, but it is gorgeous.  It has been swatched a million times but hey, what's one more?  I like it, love the duochrome, the wear, the gold, the green, the shimmer.......

Chanel 545 Attraction

This is part of the new Summer collection, and is a very bright white.  It has a nice shimmer and applies nicely.  I would almost call it a metallic white - it barely knows whether to be white or silver.  It is a lovely shade, though.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Chanel 483 Vendetta

This is a fabulous vampy dark shade of purple.  It is almost black, but very shiny and beautiful.  Looks great on shorter nails.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum

The colour of this is phenomenal.  The blue is bright but there are pink sparkles and a hint of a pink duochrome.  It is so pretty and fun.  The formula is amazing, as always.

Chanel 225 Beige Rose

This comes out as a sheer beige-y gold.  From a special collection a few years ago.  I love it.