Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Smile

Another cheery coral to brighten us up.  This is so pretty and bright, it is guaranteed to make me smile.  I would wear shades like this all the time if I didn't have so many others to wear!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Forgiveness

This is such an unusual dusky lilac.  It is soft, understated and effortless elegant.  I really enjoy wearing it.  As you can see the application is excellent as always.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Thank You

This is a great neutral!  It has a lovely subtle shimmer, and it applies really well.  It lasts well too.  I say Thank You to the RBL team for such a great shade!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Turn It Around

This is such an unusual shade.  It is an earthy green with a gold and pink microshimmer.  It applies beautifully and wears really well - I would recommend it highly.

Chanel 575 Starlet

This beautiful coral is filled with Chanel's perfect golden microshimmer.  It is bright and cheery, and can take you to any event.  I love it.

Chanel 571 Fracas

This is such a bright, pretty shade!  It is a beautiful coral, it is creamy and sweet.  I love this for summer and also to brighten up darker days!

Chanel 573 Accessoire

Another delicious vampy creme from Chanel.  It is slightly more brown toned that Provocation, and it is the beautiful creamy application that we have come to expect from Chanel.  Beautiful as ever.

Chanel 569 Emprise

Love this.  This is a sweet peachy shade that is natural and pretty.  It applies beautifully, and would be suitable for any work or formal situation.  

Illamasqua Hemlock

I got this in a set with the Freak perfume, and it is a great colour.  It has that marvellous multi-tonal microshimmer that makes the shade really unusual.  Love it.

Chanel Provocation

This is a fabulous vampy creme.  It is not so dark that it looks black, you can really appreciate the depth of colour.  It applies beautifully, and is a gorgeous polish.