Saturday, 5 November 2011

Chanel Silver - and so it begins

These were on limited release a few years back, there was Silver and Holographic, each with a Base Fixante.  I bought them both at my local Chanel counter in Boots, and little did I know how HTF they would become.  I tend to use the Chanels sparingly, I like to keep the collection 'good' - which is partly why I am doing this - I want to use my collection.

Bottle pic to get us started.....  see that gorgeous metallic effect?

On the nails - one coat of base fixante, one coat of Silver.  Just one.

And one with flash:

Verdict?  LOVE.  It is so perfectly shiny and metallic, even without topcoat.  I feel like my nails have been dipped in molten silver or mercury or something.  The light in here is pretty low but they are so shiny, almost reflective.  This is definitely unique in my collection, I have nothing that would compare to this effect.  I feel futuristic and retro at the same time - I could see Barbarella wearing this colour.  Very cool.

Edited to add:  it smells pretty good too.  There isn't that normal nail polish chemical smell, t is something else.  I like it.

Added - I showed SO and said, "Look, silver."  His reaction was: 
"Yep, that is silver.  There is no way that could be confused for anything other than silver.  Cool."


  1. OMG, that looks so absolutely and perfectly silvery! indeed gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely silver! Very retro-futuristic :)

  3. Very pretty! Do you think China glaze Millennium is a close dupe?

  4. Wow! That's so beautiful! It looks so smooth and reflective that it could be minx! *lemms* :P